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Here at the Intergenerational Law Project, we believe that the Earth is more than just our home, it is our responsibility. We live on a planet that is borrowed from the future and, just as we had the right to inherit our global heritage, including the opportunities it provides, so too, do the next and future generations. As the occupants of the present, our duty is to ensure the preservation of those same opportunities for posterity. Read More…

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  1. Consequently, it is important to review and to identify impediments to the efficient and productive use of those assets during the later years of an ageing population, to ensure efficient and orderly intergenerational transfers of those assets and to devise pervasive legal solutions to ensure that those assets are not dissipated or diverted from their prime value as sources of loan able capital. The Uniform Succession Laws Project – this project promotes the adoption of uniform succession laws throughout Australian jurisdictions.

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