We all live on a planet that is inherited from the past and borrowed from the future. As the present generation, it is our obligation to return the Earth to future generations in at least the same condition in which we found it, if not better.

The economic, social, and environmental impacts of existing paradigms no longer support the needs of humanity in the 21st century let alone those of future generations.  As such, the Intergenerational Law Project researches the theories and legal structures currently in place – environmental, cultural, economic, political, judicial, corporate, medical, municipal, etc. – that integrate intergenerational equity and intergenerational justice as their core precepts.

Our singular focus is to create intergenerational, rights-based legal structures and policies that account for the needs of both the current and future generations. Existing legal structures and policies have proven ineffective at ensuring long-term solutions while ancient wisdoms of care, preservation and precaution can lead us to novel ways of rebuilding our legal structures to protect our planetary rights for generations to come.

It is time for the precautionary principle and the sustainability requirement to be adopted wholesale.

​Intergenerational thinking is the only way we will be able to achieve true equity for both present and future generations. It will serve as the cement binding together the myriad and diverse parties into a solid foundation of universal human rights and environmental respect engendering more cooperation amongst the stakeholders at all levels of government.

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